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Team MH



About us

Team MH is a new project under The COVID-19 Junior Warriors Academy (C19JWA) which aims to promote children's mental health amidst the ongoing pandemic. The project team comprises of students from a diverse range of disciplines of public health, psychology, nursing, quantitative finance and risk management science, and social work. We hope to improve the mental health of primary school students by organizing group activities which would allow students to make new friends and interact with others through our platform. Some of our activities are specifically designed at helping young students  to recognize and manage their emotions, so that students can be better equipped when facing emotional challenges.

TEAM MH Service Project for children 逆境「童」行
(Social skills workshop)
Funded by Hsin Hsin Chong - K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund
for Joint Student Projects 2022-2023

Recruiting participants & volunteers
Participants: Please contact us via (Instagram/email)

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