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Here are some kind reminders for children :)


The National Institutes of Health advises to NOT put your belongings on the floor when you're in public. This is to help avoid contact with droplets present on the ground which may carry the coronavirus. This is an important reminder as the coronavirus can stay active for up to 9 days on ground surfaces. 

(Stainless steels: ~ 2-3 days;

Metals, Wood, Glass & Plastics: ~ 5 days)


According to the University of Houston, you should spray diluted household bleach solution (1 in 99) on the sole and sides of your shoes before entering home. This is to reduce the chance of carrying the virus home.


Before and after wearing a mask, please wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds. This protects your eyes, mouth and nose from coming into contact with germs and viruses.

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